Lincoln Center, New York

Lincoln Center bought around 5000 Sting chairs. The line up in the picture is for the Metropolitan Opera.

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Innovation C all monochrome

Innovation C is now dressed up all monochrome for its 20-year anniversary! Using a tablet, a laptop or whatever electronic device simplifies the working environment, the workplace not confined to a desk but possible everywhere. New ways of working demanding new furniture typologies. Fredrik Mattson’s Innovation C was almost a big question mark shaped as poignant graphic icon: how can it be used? Is the arm a backrest or a little table? But sure, it is both!

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Neo Lite in new dress

Neo Lite Soft is a creative take on Neo Lite. As the name suggests, Neo Lite Soft provides softer seating. The fabric is sewn in a, for the product, specially designed quilted pattern that gives character and a unique expression.

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Pilot - now with high back

Pilot is a conference chair with an enhanced sense of support and an inviting design. The gently sloping backrest gives character but, above all, comfort. The backrest is available in two different heights, low and high

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Moloss på Karolinska Institutet

Biomedicum - Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

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I watched the movie Broken Embraces by Pedro Almodóvar yesterday. Good movie with excellent choice of lights.

I feel honored…

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